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         Kawasaki Crane Co., Ltd. is a set of lifting appliances research and development, production and operation as one of professional manufacturers. Main production NRK hyacinth, Shouban hyacinth, lifting pulley, hydraulic loader, Jack, and other products.
         Acting conditions:
         1.Can bear civil liability for personal or business units.  
         2.Can provide users with the necessary technical services and consulting services.   
         3.Agents need a good business reputation and long-term development vision and responsibility, honesty, recognition   
         4.With the experience of operating hardware tools, a more extensive coverage of the urban area and the province&#39;s distribution network.   
         5.Should have a fixed service establishments, a stable team, to coordinate quickly to the market, and safeguarding workers.   
         6.We agree with the philosophy and business model.   
         7.Do not cross-regional Chuanhuo, dumping.   
         8.Honest, and actively promote the market to complete the factory, shops and other maintenance tasks.
         Contact: Zhang Xin Chen
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