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Dear ladies and gentlemen:
        First of all thank you for old and new friends has been on our support and trust。
        Kawasaki Crane Co., Ltd. Over the years, our customers continued support, continue to draw the world&#39;s most advanced detection technology production, thoughtful and unique service concept in the process of gradually mature, development and growth, now has grown to a set Design, production NRK hyacinth、Shouban hyacinth, electric hoist, lifting cranes, and other pulley-based integrated enterprise specialized in the same type of domestic enterprises, for the excellent sales performance and improve the maintenance service, winning a majority of the industry and customers Good.
        After years of cultivating the market, Kawasaki crane has become the industry well-known brands. Has been in a strict process control and improve the quality system, and strengthen staff awareness of service、Create user satisfaction projects throughout the approach to the work of the always, making enterprises in all aspects of management have achieved good results, access to the economic and social benefits of the double-harvest.
        We have been given for the tremendous support of all the friends, we are full of sincere gratitude, this is our gratitude to urge their own, to spur their friends dedication to customer service source for the best. In future, we would like to join you and for the development of the cause of improving lifting appliances, and make unremitting efforts.
        I, on behalf of Kawasaki Crane Co., Ltd. all staff wish all the friends: the ambitious vision and success in our cause!
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