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Air operated chain hoists

Air operated chain hoists is the most ideal anti-explosion hoisting equipment, It is widely used in developed country, it has the advantage which the electric chain block can’t match:
1.No electric sparks, solve the anti-explosion problem absolutely.
2.The working system create the necessary condition for high efficiency continuous working.
3.High operation speed, it is 2-3 times by electric chain block, and change the speed necessarily.
4.Ttolerate PH, dust and steam.
5.Small volume, light, the weight is 1/4 or 1/8 of electric chain block.
6.Could work under the bad condition such as high temperature, high dust and poisonous dangerous air. The product is safe, reliable, has well self-locking performance and the over-load protection device.

Model The work air pressure regulates scope Wquilibrium Weight Ascend and descend a route of travel
I-Beam rail way specification Self-Weight Shape Size(mm)
Urn Tube Total(LxWxH)
QDH-70-1 0.1-0.7Mpa 0-70Kg 1300 10# 12#
14# 16#
23Kg ф166x306 416x275x300
QDH-70-1 0-100Kg 26Kg ф218x306 416x300x330
QDH-225-1 0-225Kg 44Kg ф260x380 490x340x390

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