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         Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. Kawasaki confident that corporate culture is one of the invincible magic weapons, has been its attention to intangible assets as a.Through years of exploration and summary, developed its own unique style of corporate culture and, through management, training, seminars and other forms of formal and celebrate holidays, sporting events, such as a forum for the easy way of living so that the corporate culture gradually、Rooted in the nature of the minds of every employee in the course of the development and expansion of enterprises play an important role in.
         Corporate purposes:Science and technology as the guide, to quality of survival, to the credibility of development to management for efficiency
         The spirit of enterprise:Solidarity work, the pursuit of Zhuo
          Values:Gentleman&#39;s love money, in a proper way, using the well .
          Philosophy:Market-leading, with talent as a fundamental. To innovation as the driving force, with the backing of industry.
          Management concept:Deqi-capable, who Deqi the middle. Will be clear division of labor, the most efficient first.
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